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Energy Saving Tips

June has finally arrived and unfortunately, so have its hot temperatures. With the weather around 90 degrees, it’s hard to avoid inevitably high energy bills. Here are a couple tips on how to save energy while still enjoying a cool, refreshing house. Don’t over react to the heat After being in the sun all day,…

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MidAmerican Rebates – This is Your Last Chance!

MidAmerican rebates will decrease significantly in 2018, so don’t procrastinate and take advantage of an extra $400 rebate on York Furnaces until the end of the year. Upgrading to a quality built York unit in 2017 will not only provide a rebate, it will also save you money in the long term by increasing energy…

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Energy-Savings Tips for the Fall and Winter Time

Winter is approaching and turning on the heat is slowly becoming a daily routine. We at Doug’s Heating & Air Conditioning have already talked about the importance of Furnace Maintenance in our October blog, so now let’s focus on how to keep your utilities bill low without having to abstain from the cozy warmth. Insulation…

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Is my Utility Bill too High?

This is actually a tricky question, because you can only answer it if you know what is normal or average. The first step is to look at past bills over the years and note any changes. Did the bill increase because you have an additional roommate? Did you install new equipment that needs plenty of…

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Brace Yourself

Air conditioners have been turned off for a while and the winter season is approaching. We are embracing shorter days by getting used to turning on our lights more. Brace yourself for the annual winter adjustment with the following tips; Heating • Annually check your heating system to make sure it is ready for the…

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Top Tips on Reducing your Energy Bill

Think about your latest energy bill. If your hair is starting to rise, you might consider a strategy to permanently reduce it. This isn’t even a challenging task anymore. For starters, focus on heating and cooling.  This item makes up the largest portion of an average energy bill (approx. 46%). Heating: Inspect your heating system…

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