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Consider These Five Things Before Investing in Geothermal

Whether you’re looking to go green or trying to save on your energy bills, many people are looking for alternatives to control the temperature in their home. Geothermal is one such option that leverages an abundant supply of renewable energy and growing technological support in its favor. However, the initial cost can be quite high…

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Does Geothermal make sense for your home?

There is no doubt that installing a geothermal heat pump is an environmentally friendly method to heat and cool your home, including water. Instead of relying on oil, geothermal generates warm or cold air in your home through pipes buried in the ground. This process operates in a slightly different way than your standard HVAC system.…

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Did you know the temperature of the earth/soil increases the further you dig? Did you know the temperature just a few feet below the ground barely changes throughout the year?  This underground temperature is between and 45 and 75 Fahrenheit depending on your location. Ground source heat pumps, direct use geothermal technologies, and enhanced geothermal…

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Geothermal Energy Systems

Look who visited us at one of our sites today: our congresswoman Cheri Bustos! Congresswoman Bustos was eager to hear what Chris Cacari from Doug’s Heating & Air Conditioning had to say about the advantages of Doug’s Geothermal Energy Systems. Geothermal systems use small amounts of electricity to transfer heat to and from the ground…

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Propane vs. Geothermal

Most propane furnaces have efficiency ratings around 90 to 95 percent.  The remaining 10 percent escapes through the flue during combustion.  Geothermal heat pumps are often measured using a coefficient of performance – a ratio of heat produced to energy consumed to produce it.  The coefficient of performance is multiplied by 100 to determine the…

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Geothermal Units vs Propane Tanks

Geothermal units are the perfect replacement for propane tanks. Ground source heat pumps are able to provide heating, cooling and hot water, while cutting energy use by up to 80%. Because a GHP system is so efficient, it uses a lot less energy to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. This means less energy is needed to…

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