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Importance of Sealed Air Ducts

The body’s vascular system ensures the proper flow of blood through your body. Air ducts have a similar function for your house, as they ensure the proper flow of air. Insufficiently sealed air ducts result in a loss of heated or cooled air and inevitable high energy bills. A leaking duct in the attic can…

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The Advantages of Custom Duct Work

Whether you are building new, remodeling, or simply need repairs or replacement; knowing that you have quality product and quality work done means everything. This should also apply to your heating and air-conditioning duct work. When custom duct work is fabricated and installed specifically for that project, specific measurements are taken, and it gives more…

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Can you hear your furnace working, but you're not feeling the warmth?

You are probably suffering from leaky duct work. Having a routine inspection and maintenance of your ductwork ensures air can flow through all the rooms in your home. Duct work can leak for years without being noticed, because it’s out of sight. Leaky duct work can even cause up to a 10% increase in your…

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