Financing options from Doug’s and Synchrony Financial can help you make a great investment in your home and in the environment.

Need a new unit for heating, air conditioning, back-up power or indoor air quality? Take the next step. Check out your financing options through Doug’s Heating and Air Conditioning! Energy-efficient heating and cooling is a great investment, and flexible financing enables you to fulfill your family’s need for a comfortable home.


Homeowners in Moline, Rock Island, Davenport and Bettendorf can choose from several financing options. When you work with us, you can receive:

  • Low minimum monthly payments (subject to credit approval)
  • Free, dependable account access
  • Easy application process

To apply for financing, please call Doug’s at 309-764-2500 to make an appointment. We’ll guide you through the application process in just a few minutes!

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Make the Most of this year’s MidAmerican Rebates

July 27, 2020

MidAmerican provides a whole range of Energy Efficiency Programs for their Iowa and Illinois customers. Some of these rebates apply to ductless mini-split units. Others focus on natural gas furnaces and smart thermostats. Not only do you receive rebates on new qualifying units, you may also receive a rebate on recycling your old unit. Here…

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Myth Busters: Heating Edition

February 28, 2020

Even though we all heat our homes during the winter, there is still a fair amount of misleading information about how to keep your family cozy in the most efficient way. Let’s bust a couple of these heating myths! Myth #1: Floors and walls are always cold during the winter This may be true in…

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It’s cold! Time to shut off unused heating vents?

November 29, 2019

Here’s something we all agree on:  Closing or blocking heating vents in unused rooms saves energy, because you’re not wasting it on a room that you’re not occupying, and the air gets redirected to the rest of the house, which makes it easier to heat your house and lowers your bill.  Except for one thing: …

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Propane Tanks *oink oink*

October 29, 2019

Propane tanks are often called “pigs” because of the shape of the tank and its short legs.  Some people make this point abundantly clear as you can see from these photos… Now, a lot of people think of pigs as cute and if you think so (or if you think Miss Piggy is cute), you…

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What do you need to know about the Freon Phase out?

September 23, 2019

If you are using an AC unit made prior to 2010, then you are likely using a R22 refrigerant (a.k.a. freon), which will be discontinued by 2020 per the EPA’s ruling. Any AC unit made after 2010 shouldn’t be using R22 refrigerant, so this blog is only for those of you who have a model…

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4 Simple Ways to Maximize Your AC Unit’s Efficiency

July 24, 2019

It’s getting hot out there! Most of use have already reached for the thermostat to try and stave off the heat and humidity, but the idea of expensive energy bills doesn’t look too attractive. Poor air flow caused by dirty condensers and old filters can make your AC Unit (and wallet) work harder. Keep Those…

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What are HVAC Service Agreements and Do I Need One?

April 25, 2019

A lot of people are curious about what Service Agreements or Annual Maintenance Agreements are. Many HVAC companies, including us, offer these agreements as an easy way to keep your system up and running, but what exactly are they? The usual adage is “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” right? While this may be…

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Energy Saving Tips

June 25, 2018

June has finally arrived and unfortunately, so have its hot temperatures. With the weather around 90 degrees, it’s hard to avoid inevitably high energy bills. Here are a couple tips on how to save energy while still enjoying a cool, refreshing house. Don’t over react to the heat After being in the sun all day,…

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The Inside Scoop on HVAC: Common Myths Debunked

April 18, 2018

Myth I: I Only Need to Replace My Filter Every 90 days Reality: Filter maintenance is one of the easiest and most cost effective things you can do to help your system run efficiently and last for years to come. Often, customers will purchase a 90 day filter and leave it in their system assuming…

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Good Timing

February 28, 2018

Good timing when it comes to financial decisions is often counter-intuitive, like buying Christmas decorations after the holidays are over or buying stocks during a recession. The basic principle is the following: buy when demand is low to get a better price! The same applies to routine maintenance for air conditioners. You probably haven’t even…

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"Just to let you know your crew did a wonderful job.  Very professional and yet friendly.  Extremely knowledgeable and cleaned up everything as if they were never here.  We would recommend Doug’s to anyone."

— Jolene,  Colona, IL

“We had a very courteous estimator. He showed up on time. We couldn’t ask for a nicer guy. He took about 45-minutes or so, but was very thorough.”

— Jim, Coal Valley, IL

“They wear shoe protectors. They’re very careful and courteous with your property.”

— Jim, Coal Valley, IL

“Prompt, courteous, very professional workmanship...they did a very nice job.”

— Jim, Coal Valley, IL

“They came out exactly when they said they would be here.”

— Gloria, Coal Valley, IL

“The service technicians are like friends. They are very courteous to us, and take the time to explain any questions we have.”

— Gloria, Coal Valley, IL

“Actually I searched around to have my geothermal serviced and they were not only one of the first, but they were one of the only ones that knew how to service the geothermal and knew about geothermal.”

— Vicky, Moline, IL

“I felt like they knew exactly what they were doing. They were on time.  That's important to me, because I work.”

— Vicky, Moline, IL

“I would say they were one of the first companies that I could find that can service geothermal heating.”

— Vicky, Moline, IL

“They stand behind what they sell and they’re there for you.”

— Gail, Moline, IL

“They respect our home.”

—Gail, Moline, IL

“We’re just really happy. We call them for everything.”

— Gail, Moline, IL

“I would recommend them over any other heating and air conditioning company in the Quad Cities.”

— Richard, Moline, IL

“They're courteous, they come on time. They come when they say they're gonna come and they get the job done.”

— Richard, Moline, IL

“They are efficient. They are always on time and very friendly staff.”

— Hemispheres Bistro, Bettendorf

“The exhaust system works perfectly. I mean it’s designed really, really well.”

— Hemispheres Bistro, Bettendorf

"We have a NEW Heating & Air Conditioning System from Doug's & we are VERY HAPPY with it."

— John from Moline, IL

"In this crazy mixed up world where most companies are only focused on money it was great to find a company that honestly cares. I can’t say thank you enough for the great customer service we have received!"

— Sarah from Davenport, IA

"Doug's just made our day! They were here within 3 hours to fix our dead furnace, less than an hour after they arrived we have heat! Thanks so much!"

— Ryan from Rock Island, IL

"Please know that Ben was so very pleasant when he serviced our generator. His kindness toward our little 4 year old grandson left quite an impression...who knows, our little guy may decide on a Htg/AC career and come ask you for a job!"

— Carole from East Moline

"I've owned this house for 7 years and the heating system has never worked as well as it does now!"

— Jim from Moline, IL

"I wanted to let you know that Matt was such a nice man while helping us with our estimate!"

— Mary from Sterling, IL

"I want to commend Ben at Doug's Heating and Air Conditioning on his professionalism and courteousness!"

— Connie from Moline, IL