It’s cold! Time to shut off unused heating vents?

Here’s something we all agree on:  Closing or blocking heating vents in unused rooms saves energy, because you’re not wasting it on a room that you’re not occupying, and the air gets redirected to the rest of the house, which makes it easier to heat your house and lowers your bill.  Except for one thing: …

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Propane Tanks *oink oink*

Propane tanks are often called “pigs” because of the shape of the tank and its short legs.  Some people make this point abundantly clear as you can see from these photos… Now, a lot of people think of pigs as cute and if you think so (or if you think Miss Piggy is cute), you…

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Clean Furnace – Safe Family

With cold weather and snow storms coming our way this winter, being trapped inside doesn’t sound all that bad. But before you fire up the furnace, make sure your furnace is in the right condition to keep your house warm and your family safe. Any parent knows when you’re snowed-in, your kids are bound to…

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