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Timely Furnace Maintenance Matters

The furnace season is upon us, so let’s focus on making sure you won’t be surprised by any of the following problems: Duct work might be loose and cause leaks. The motor might need lubrication. The air filter might need … Continue reading

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4 Simple Steps to Get your AC Ready for the Summer

Summer has finally arrived, and temperatures are rising. It’s about time to make sure your AC is in tiptop condition! Before going through the following steps, please turn off the power to make sure safety is ensured at all times. … Continue reading

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Good Timing

Good timing when it comes to financial decisions is often counter-intuitive, like buying Christmas decorations after the holidays are over or buying stocks during a recession. The basic principle is the following: buy when demand is low to get a … Continue reading

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Furnace Maintenance: What Really Matters

Taking care of your furnace is an important part of having a safe and comfortable home, especially during the upcoming colder months. While it’s best to have professionals inspect or make adjustments to your furnace, there are a few things … Continue reading

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AC Filter Maintenance

AC units don’t only regulate temperatures; they also contribute to your healthy breathing by improving air quality in your home. This only works if the filter is clean and therefore able to do its job! Cleaning or replacing your AC … Continue reading

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