Doug’s Heating & Air Conditioning has been installing geothermal heat pump systems since 2000 The ClimateMaster system is one of the greenest, most efficient ways to heat and cool your home. Less fuel means less pollution and less expense.
The costs associated with climate control are some of the largest and most volatile burdens placed upon property owners. One of the best ways to reduce this uncertainty in the long term is to upgrade your building’s insulation, and now Doug’s Heating & Air Conditioning will be offering insulation services. This allows us to help our customers gain peace of mind in every aspect of heating and cooling.

Product Advantages

We focus on high-efficiency products like spray foam insulation. This affords you the benefit of not only paying to use your HVAC system for less, but also reduces the stress on your same system. It also adds significant resale value, reduces the amount of allergens entering the home and protects your home from both mold and pests. We also offer our customers the options of cellulose insulation and fiberglass insulation.

Customer Service

As always, our insulation services come with Doug’s Customer Service Promise. We will always be considerate of your time, prioritize emergencies, leave no mess behind and we offer a ten-year warranty. We expect our technicians to be courteous, clean and respectful at every call. We could not be more proud to be bringing this service to Quad Cities Residents.

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