Ductless Heating & AC

Receive efficient, quiet and space-saving heating and air conditioning with an ingenious mini split system — also known as a ductless system.

Transform your home, garage or workshop with the latest breakthrough in heating and air conditioning. We can install ductless systems nearly anywhere to provide quiet, efficient heating and cooling to any space through modern heat pump technology.

Choosing a mini split system means you receive a unit with a smaller footprint than standard central air and furnaces. You don’t need to have the usual air ducts, just a space on the wall and a spot outdoors for a small heat pump. The wall unit delivers quiet, efficient heating and cooling to your rooms.

Discover Ductless Heating & Cooling

A ductless system serves as an excellent alternative to traditional heating and cooling. If you own an older home or want to cool or heat a space without existing ducts, you will want to check it out. The air handling unit takes up very little space on an interior wall, and the condenser unit is smaller than a central AC condenser. These facts make it possible to cool areas where you didn’t think heating or air conditioning was attainable.

Mitsubishi provides Doug’s with some of the most technologically advanced mini split systems available. Choose from ENERGY STAR® systems with dual and triple-allergen filters and whisper-quiet operation. Doug’s is a Diamond Dealer with Mitsubishi. So, when your unit is installed by Doug’s, your unit will come with a 7-year parts and compressor warranty for lasting comfort and peace of mind.

For more information about how these systems can help you heat and cool a specific space without ductwork, please contact us today.

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