Safety Tips

What are Alternative Heating Options and How to be Safe?

There are alternative heating options available which can help combat rising energy costs.  These options include geothermal heaters, wood and pellet heaters, solar heating, and much more which efficiently heat space while using less energy than traditional systems.  However, alternative heating options often carry a larger risk of fire or other hazards.  So, it is…

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Storm Strategy!

We all know that the weather in the Midwest can change at any moment. Big storms in our area can lead to unexpected power outages.  That is why it is even more important to be prepared. One preparation you can make to guard your home or business against the storms is the purchase of a…

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Have you been sick more than normal? We might be able to help.

The air in your home passes through your furnace several times an hour. This is great for heating up your house, but most air pollutants are found between the filter and the furnace exchange. These pollutants can cause infectious diseases, as well as allergin rhinitis, asthma and other respiratory ailments. UV lights positioned within the…

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